Our Team

Our entire team is comprised of purebred dog enthusiasts, and represents CENTURIES of experience in breeding, showing, training, grooming, ad design and campaigning dogs.

To contact any of us, simply click on our name to send us an email:

Advertising Team

Jess Pearson – Advertising Sales

Angel Wagner – Advertising Sales

Production Team

Niome Dubois – Ad Design

Wendy Reyn – Ad Design

Welcome (Back) to the Dog Show!

Welcome (Back) to the Dog Show! Jessica Freni Photo of signage appearing at the setup of Professional Handler Kerry Boyd, used with permission The world is returning to normal (or at least “new normal”), but in addition to being out of practice wearing...

Navigating Juniors and Social Media

Navigating Juniors and Social Media By Jessica Freni Photos by Karen Hansen Navigating social media is a tight rope walk in the “dog world”. It is a useful tool for breed visibility, reaching prospective pet families and keeping in touch with old ones, an...

What’s In Your Wardrobe

What’s In Your Wardrobe? By Jess Pearson I recently saw a Facebook post about a kennel club on the west coast “going casual” at their show. Since the beginning of Covid we have seen more and more of these “casual attire” posts, and this post caught my attention...

You Can’t Handle the Truth

You Can’t Handle the Truth By Jessica Freni Stock Photos No one can, or should, disagree that the primary responsibility for breed preservation lies on the shoulders of breeders. Breeders are stewards of their breed and tasked with ensuring it endures as it has...

Westminster Wrap Up

Westminster Wrap Up By Jessica Freni Photo Above by Diana Han, Nor Cal Bulldogger, Used with Permission “Not all pets are show dogs, but be assured every show dog is a pet.” – Mrs. Patricia Trotter, Westminster 2021 These words by the experienced and...