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Our entire team is comprised of purebred dog enthusiasts, and represents CENTURIES of experience in breeding, showing, training, grooming, ad design and campaigning dogs.

To contact any of us, simply click on our name to send us an email:

Advertising Team

Jess Pearson – Advertising Sales

Angel Wagner – Advertising Sales

Production Team

Niome Dubois – Ad Design

Wendy Reyn – Ad Design

The Purpose of Dog Shows: Just One Opinion

The Purpose of Dog Shows: Just One Opinion By Christine Chapman, Hounds of Woodwind Stock Photos Note well:  the following is merely my opinion formed after nearly 50 years of showing purebred dogs. Are dog shows really about evaluating breeding stock any longer? ...

What do Bobby Flay, Horse Racing and Dog Shows have in common? by Jessica Freni  Photo by Pocket Aces Racing Recently, celebrity chef and TV personality Bobby Flay won at the Breeders Stakes with a homebred horse. The following is an excerpt from his interview with...

A Thanksgiving Tradition of Turkey and Dogs

  A Thanksgiving Tradition of Turkey and Dogs by Jessica Freni The National Dog show is upon us! An unofficial kick off to the holiday season as we will soon gather around the Thanksgiving turkey… to watch dogs of course! Nearly 1,600 dogs are entered...

Wide Open

Wide Open by Jessica Freni Photos Submitted by Kelly Schur “unethical” “unfair and a waste of money and points “demeaning” Monday, in a Facebook group (Dog Show Forum), a seemingly innocuous inquiry elicited these strong comments in...