Bred with Passion

By Brittany Phelps, Adáko Kennel LLC

Buckle up. Some Raw thoughts coming y’all’s way.
I am a breeder.
I am a handler.
I am competitive.
Breeding dogs is not a mere “pass the time” hobby.
Breeding dogs is not “for fun”.
Breeding dogs is not a way of income.
Breeding dogs to me IS a way of expressing art.
Breeding dogs IS my life.
Breeding dogs IS what I consume my daily life and free time with. I talk about it, I re-look at pedigrees, I re-evaluate dogs CONSTANTLY.
I am my own dogs’ WORST critic. I pick them to tiny pieces day in and day out.

Anyone who ACTUALLY knows me, knows I could talk about breeding dogs and wheaten terriers until I’m blue.  It’s a burning passion that is so engulfed in flames. When I am successful with my vision it sets my soul on fire.

I plan my breedings years in advance on dogs who aren’t even born yet. I look at 6 month old puppies and plan to breed them to a sire/dam who isn’t even born yet when they are both of age.
I line breed. I study pedigrees, A LOT. I consume most of my time about my breeding program, our next move and what’s next (more than what is probably healthy).
Breeding dogs, to me, is like collecting coins is for others, or collecting figurines, or those who spend their whole lives painting/drawing.
When you find that coin, or that figurine, or you finally perfect that painting is the same flame that burns for me when I get a 8 week old puppy that is everything I envisioned they would be.
Breeding dogs IS my burning passion.
The day I stop breeding is the day I stop handling. I chose to be a professional handler so I could invest as much of my time into the dogs as possible.
“Just getting by” quality isn’t an option.
I strive for greatness, I strive for the best of the best, I strive for dogs as close to the standard as possible. That is my constant goal.
Mediocre and complacency should never be ok.
I don’t sugar coat anything about Wheaten terriers, nothing at all, I’m brutal, I’m honest, and I’m aggressive.
Yesterday I shared a memory.
It’s states nothing more then MY own bred by dog, a wicket, and a breed standard.
It offended a few breeders. Why?
Does reading the standard offend you?
Does reading a wicket measurement offend you?
Or does the breeder owner handler of the dog in question talking about her very own dog offend you?
Yes? Why?.
Why do I get so worked up about it?
Because I’ve spent 13 years of my life studying thus far, and executing our standard in real life animals. Size, color, coat, movement, temperament, eyes, health Etc are all important EQUALLY to me.
The art of breeding is different then the art of showing.
The art of breeding is to make perfection, the art of showing is to exhibit perfection.
So when someone tells me something like “your dog could have more size” as a breeder and with all due respect you are WRONG.
Now, that’s not saying I don’t have big/small dogs, or haven’t bred to big/small dogs.
That’s simply stating that my animal is in fact, the ideal size, no questioning it.
I shared the standard as my source of information, a wicket as the officiate and the dog as the subject.
This is Adáko Wheatens.
My inspiration, and my dog.