BREED: Boston Terrier

KENNEL NAME: Jessper Bostons

EXPERIENCE (ex. How long have you owned this breed? Been a breeder?): My family has always had a Boston for as long as I can remember. I have been showing and actively involved in the breed for over 25 years. I co bred my first litter in 2004, and my first litter bred under Jessper Bostons was in 2020.

PROUDEST MOMENT AS A BREEDER/ OWNER: Without a doubt, winning the National with my first homebred dog under the Jessper name is and was my proudest moment as a breeder/owner/handler.

WHAT WOULD YOU DESCRIBE AS THE IDEAL HOME FOR YOUR BREED? WHAT HOMES WOULD PRESENT A CHALLENGE? What I love about the Boston Terrier, is that they are friendly and get along with everyone. They are a perfect dog for a pet or even performance. If you want to throw the ball, they will play with you. If you would like to sit on the couch and relax, they will be right there with you. The breed was bred to be a companion.

HOW DO YOU FEEL THE BREED IS REPRESENTED IN THE SHOW RING? HAS OVERALL BREED QUALITY CHANGED (IMPROVED OR DECLINED)? Overall, the breed has changed within the last 10-15 years. Bostons are being recognized even more at the group level, and several have gone on to win Bests in Show since then. The current top winning dog of all time broke the record I believe in 2016 or 2017.

WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN JUDGING YOUR BREED? With the standard placing so much detail and emphasis on the head, this to me is important. Judges should note the specific details listed such as square head, large round eye set at the widest point of the head, ears erect and may or may not be cropped. The standard specifically points out that the expression is the most important characteristic of the breed. I have seen a handful of Bostons showing lately that look and act timid and shy without showing expression. The breed’s original purpose was to be a companion dog. Any fear or shying should not be rewarded. Secondly, the standard mentions that the dog should be square with a level topline. Often this is mistaken, and dogs that are longer in body and have a rise in the topline are being rewarded.

HOW DO YOU FEEL THE STATE OF THE BREED IS IN THE AKC AND US OVERALL? (In terms of type, health, quality, etc) WHERE COULD IT MOST IMPROVE? The biggest misconception to the public is that being a bracchy breed, the Boston must be one that has breathing problems and health issues. Combatting ARAs and similar organizations poses a challenge in educating the public. However, the parent club and fellow breeders continue to educate the public with events such as meet the breed. Many breeders have added additional health testing such as x-rays of trachea and spines to support breeding healthy dogs.

As far as showing, our breed in general could use some improvement. Many dogs in the ring today are lacking the square head, square body, level topline, sound movement, and many other specific qualities that meets the standard. However, seeing many quality dogs being rewarded on the group and Best in Show level every weekend has improved over the years.