Dog Shows in a New Era
Part 5: On the Road Again

By Jess Pearson
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It is week 3 in a row of dog shows, and it is good to be back! From Bloomsburg, PA and Greenville, SC to Canfield, OH to Waukesha, WI this weekend, exhibitors from all over the country are experiencing a small piece of normalcy in this pandemic.

First, Bloomsburg and Greenville were a success as they accommodated both indoor and outdoor rings, all while reaching or nearing limits. Canfield experienced record entries and went off without a hitch and earned themselves an A+ rating from the health department. Exhibitors consistently followed social distancing guidelines and were diligent about wearing masks both weekends.

Up next is the Racine & Cudahy Kennel Clubs who are hosting the show this weekend in Waukesha, WI. The cluster begins Thursday, August 5th and runs through Sunday, August 8th. Handlers and exhibitors alike are volunteering to assist the club in marking RV spaces, rings, and necessary reminders for all to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Every day changes as shows cancel while others reschedule, all attempting to try to host shows and return to normal, or as normal as possible, all with safety as the primary concern.
A reminder to all, slight health and social distancing rules may change from site to site, depending on the club as well as the state and local health guidelines. Therefore, it may be permissible for exhibitors to lower masks to gait their dogs, or masks may not be required at vehicle side set up. Be sure to check the premium list and judging program or reach out to a club member to be sure on the rules.Remember to be supportive of those who are staying home or venturing to shows. Our sport needs us more than ever now, regardless of where we stand.