Five Phone Apps Every Dog Show Exhibitor Should Have
By Jess Pearson

In the day and age of everything at our finger tips, technology is constantly changing. With more and more people relying on cellular devices, the needs for various apps have increased. So as dog show exhibitors, what popular apps out there can benefit us?

  1. iShow Calculator: the app that every dog show exhibitor should have. How many times have you tried to track number of points especially during an “if/then scenario?” Simply enter the number of class dogs, specials, and your state, and the app will calculate point scenarios for you. There is a cost of $3.99 for the app, but oh so worth every penny.
  2. Waze: a GPS/map app that not only gives users turn by turn directions, but also allows users to report things such as accidents, traffic build up, and even police presence. While you are traveling, you also have the ability to find stops such as a gas station along your route. The app will also reroute you if it finds a quicker route due to traffic back up for example. The best part about this app is it is completely FREE!
  3. iExit: An app that tells you what is at each exit on your route. No more wondering if there is a gas station nearby or having to make a sudden exit due to seeing the sign just before you drive by it. The app is simple to use with just a few clicks and provides information such as gas prices and restaurant reviews. This app is also free!
  4. USA Rest Stops: This app is similar to iExit but specifically for rest stops. This app provides mile marker locations as well as amenities, reviews, peak traffic times, and directions to the rest stop.
  5. Sensor Push: a Bluetooth app and device that monitors temperature and humidity. You can set the device to alert you when the temperature reaches outside of your desired range. This is an excellent device to use while driving, inserted into your dog’s carrier for flying, or simply to make sure they are at a comfortable temperature. The app works completely with Bluetooth and can work when Airplane Mode is on.This is not to replace full vehicle alert systems, but something that can be used for certain situations such as flying with your dog. The device does have a cost of $50, but the product is guaranteed and worth the price.

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