From Tragedy #BumbleNation Emerges

By Jessica Freni

For nearly two weeks breeder owner Donna Beadle lived every dog owner’s worst nightmare, her beloved Berger Picard, “Bumble” was lost during transport. Donna sprung quickly into action, flying to scour the harsh Nevada desert in the area near where Bumble was last sighted.

Action was swift. A team was assembled, including a professional tracker with lost pet experience who brought both tracking dog and drone. The area was plastered with detailed flyers of Bumble and his information. A gofundme sprang up to help cover the ongoing expenses of well-organized search effort. The community outpouring of support and even news coverage had everyone feeling #Bumblenation. Traps and video were setup, they used scent to try to lure a frightened Bumble out of wherever he was hiding. Every track was analyzed and followed. Yet despite the thorough search effort, Bumble remained elusive. Ultimately, Donna had to keep hope and visibility on his case, but return home.

In Wells, Bumble remained in hearts and on the community’s mind as they continued to refresh the baited tracks. In addition to the scent tracking dogs and high- tech thermal drones used by Bill, “Ladies and the Trap” (Facebook) organized “food drops [to traps], cellular game cameras, owner scented items, posters, and online updates to get any new leads on Bumble.”

Donna flew back to Nevada to continue efforts on location. In borrowed snow shoes and through fresh snow and tough terrain they searched for tracks and signs of hope. As Donna would at the time detail the feeling of triumph as Bumble was found,

“This story is incredible! There are so many people that have made this story possible I don’t even know where to start! From Nicky outfitting me with snowshoes (and other things!), Christy going out searching today, Jaime from Ladies and the Trap and her magnet dog Ruger hanging at the trap cooking and Juan (the ranch worker who spotted Bumble the other day) rolling in to save the day, it’s insane to me how the events of today ended with Bumble being safe. Jaime and I snowshoed around the area a bit today and then returned to the trap to lay out more scent and cook. As we were there, Juan drove up and was searching the area. He thought he saw something in his binoculars and took off towards the back fence. I followed him and we came across the canyon at the back by the fence with a stream running through it. There were tracks everywhere! Juan was on fire and jumped the stream and clumsy me who has already fell several times walked back up the canyon as Juan searched the field on the other side of the stream. There wasn’t anything in the field so he walked back to me and we started kind of heading back but going more east. We happened upon fresh tracks. They were definitely dog. We followed them almost to the east fence and the went back to the southeast corner. To the north of the tracks was an area with a lot of tracks circling a stick popping out of the snow. It almost looked like where a pack of coyotes might have bedded down. I walked toward it and turned to my left and looking up at me from under a sagebrush was Bumble! Juan walked away so I could try to get him. He looked at me suspiciously and grumbled and I got to my knees and didn’t look at him. He laid there and I inched closer talking to him and letting him know it was ok. He went and got up and peed for what felt like a minute. I wasn’t sure if he would bolt so I came around the other side of him and kneeled again and put my hand out so he could smell me. He sniffed and willingly let me grab his beard. I hugged him and leashed him. I tried to get him to walk but he was too tired and sore so I carried him towards where the trap was. Jamie was up on the hill watching and then all of a sudden Juan appeared with his truck across another field and I helped me get Bumble to the truck. It was honestly Juan’s persistence and a lot of luck that I stumbled upon him. we rushed him to the vet in Elko where they are caring for him. He is dehydrated, hypoglycemia, cold and his hip is popped out. He’s on fluids and dextrose and they’ll send me an update on the morning. I am so incredibly thankful to so many people! Without them all this wouldn’t be a fairytale ending! I’m eternally grateful to them and all of you for the incredible support and praying! To Grace his co-owner who has been a force and coordinating so much of the effort, thank you! I will keep you all posted!!! #findingbumble”

Unfortunately, joy and relief would ultimately end in devastation. Bumble, only 49 pounds when recovered, sadly passed away surrounded by the loving care and veterinary staff attending him.

Bumble passed in love, not alone in the elements and his legacy was one of hope and community uniting #bumblenation. While searching for Bumble, Donna and team had stumbled upon several dogs in poor conditions and their actions brought a positive change in the lives of those dogs. A plan came together “looking at helping the town of Wells build a dog park/pet cemetery and are interested in also starting a non-profit to help find lost dogs. I want this story to live on, to educate and to help those in a time when you are giving up hope. There’s so much hope! Bumble’s story shows that you should never give up and with a little determination and a lot of luck, you will prevail. Thank you Bumblenation!!!! #bumblenation”

For more on Bumble’s story visit  Thank you to Donna Beadle for allowing us the resources for this story and condolences from the ADF staff on your loss.