Meet the Millennials

Editorial notes: Recently, there has been a conversation sparked in the fancy about “Millennials” (Anyone born between 1981 and 1996)- their commitments, work ethic and value to the conformation community. ADF is proud to offer this series highlighting the positive contributions of this hard-working, passionate and diverse demographic as they’re a growing asset to the sport of purebred dogs.


NAME: Kayla-Anne Candelmo


BREED(S): Beauceron

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN PUREBRED DOGS? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN INVOLVED? Joining various FB groups with fanciers for my interest, I learned with my Labrador before purchasing my first show/breeding quality Beauceron. I have been involved for 3 years.


ARE YOU A BREEDER? IF NOT, DO YOU HAVE PLANS TO BREED? Yes, hoping to whelp my first litter this spring.


DO YOU HAVE ANY MENTORING? Yes. My dogs breeders have all been very supportive as well as experienced fanciers in other breeds.


ARE YOU ACTIVE IN ANY CLUBS (BREED, ALL BREED)? IF NOT, WHAT WOULD ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO? Yes, I am my regions director for the American Beauceron Club, a member of the Durham Kennel Club and the Working Beauceron Association.


HOW HAS YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THE DOG SHOW COMMUNITY BEEN? HOW COULD IT BE IMPROVED? For the most part my experience in the show world has been pleasant. There has been instances of some negativity but itโ€™s almost always been with the older demographic of fanciers. I have received some poor treatment from the odd judge here and there but shrug it off. For the most part most folk are welcoming, professional and amateurs.


WHAT IS SOMETHING YOU’RE ESPECIALLY PROUD OF? I’ve only been actively showing for 2 years and my Beauceron bitch was the only bitch in the Top 10 OH and we went BOBOH at the NOHS finals beating 2 of the top males in the country. We also won Best Female in Journee, which is a Beauceron specific event that tests the temperament and character of our dogs as well as their overall structure. My girl beat the top bitches actively campaigning in conformation and got excellent on her temperament ratings.


WHAT IS/ ARE THE BIGGEST OBSTACLES AS A MILLENNIAL IN DOGS? Honestly, it’s the outdated mindset of some of the more experienced fanciers. I can confidently say that every negative interaction I have had while showing has been from the older judges or older fanciers who have the “been there, done that, I’m better than you” attitude. As a biracial young female (who also doesn’t look like my age due to good genetics ๐Ÿ˜‰) I have had some pretty sad encounters. Overall I feel that my generation (millenials) will soon be the majority of fanciers and overall more welcoming to those newer to the game as we’ve been raised with a more progressive mindset. I have made some of the best friends I’ve ever had showing my dogs. 

Ring Candid Photo by: Ringside Hounds

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