WKC Update

By Jessica Freni

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The Westminster 2021 deadline is fast approaching (BREED ENTRIES CLOSE AT 3:00 P.M. E.S.T., FRIDAY, April 9, 2021 or when the maximum number of 2,500 AKC Champion conformation dogs has been reached; if reached before 3:00 P.M. E.S.T., April 9, 2021). A reminder, dogs must be champions at the entry to be eligible and only submit one dog per envelope for mailed entries (AKC audits all entries for eligibility) . Invitees will have received their packets by mail and are automatically accepted upon receipt of entry.  All non-invitees, regular entries, “will be accumulated in random order and processed beginning at 8:00 A.M. (E.S.T.), Friday, April 9, 2021,” per page 24 of the premium.

How will I know if my entry was accepted?

“Once entries close and the preliminary audit is completed all entries that include a valid e-mail address on their entry form will be sent an e-mail notice of receipt of entry pending AKC validation of their championship and/or proper registration (approximately 10 business days after closing). A hardcopy notice of receipt of entry will also be mailed First Class via the U.S. Postal Service. There will be no entry confirmation over the telephone. Any inquiries must be in writing giving dog’s breed, name, AKC# and whether dog is invited, non-invited, Junior Showmanship or Obedience entry and the class in which the dog is entered. Inquiries by postal mail or e-mail (mbf2@infodog.com) only. NOTE: This e-mail address is used exclusively for Westminster information ONLY.” (per p33 of Premium)

What about spectators?

There was a lot of vagueness and speculation as to whether or not the outdoor venue and change of date to a summer event, would enable spectators to attend WKC 2021. As of March 29th, the official WKC social media determined in fact there would be no spectators or vendors in attendance due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. No tickets will be available for purchase, this extends to yearly ticket subscribers. As of yet, it is unclear as to how many tickets will accompany those who are entered, upon contacting WKC they only advise “further info is coming”.

Looking to the Future

While details for exhibitors are still staggering for WKC 2021 at Lyndhurst Mansion (June 11-13th), some questions about whether or not WKC would return to its wintery NYC roots were already addressed. WKC 2022 will indeed return to Manhattan HOWEVER, in a surprising twist the date will be a month EARLIER than traditionally, right in the heart of the Northeast winter! WKC 2022 conformation will be three days, January 24th through the 26th, 2022 with group judging at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, January 25th and Wednesday, January 26th. Please note, this changes the group judging format which is usually Monday and Tuesday. As with recent years, 2022 will also be limited to champions only.

Stay tuned to ADF for WKC Updates as they become available!

New York, NY – February 11, 2020: Winner of Best in Show Standard Poodle named Siba poses with trophies 144th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden