Westminster Weekend 2021

By Jessica Freni

At long last, 16 months after the last one, Westminster weekend is finally upon us! Yesterday, Tuesday, was press preview at Lyndhurst and an introduction of the four new breeds eligible to compete this year- the Dogo Argentino (Working Group), the Barbet (Sporting Group), the Biewer Terrier (Toy Group) and the Belgian Laekenois (Herding Group). Events start this Friday,  June 11th, with the Agility  Championships, conformation (including Juniors) is being held Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Masters Obedience Championship (Saturday only). In addition to the seasonal departure from the traditional WKC time and venue, there will be no spectators permitted to attend in- person this year due to Covid restrictions.

A reminder to exhibitors, you must have used the Reel Health WKC form regardless of vaccination status. Vaccinated attendees will not be required to wear masks, unless required by the Judge while exhibiting, but mask  are required by those not fully vaccinated.  The forecast looks good for the outdoor venue Friday and Saturday, with thunderstorms possible on Sunday. Temperatures will be mid to upper 70s, so plan accordingly for both people and dogs. There is not electric in the grooming tent. Parking is a distance away, so bring comfortable shoes. From WKC, “Exhibitors may begin staging at the South Broadway entrance at 5:30 am. Earlier staging, is not permitted and will be monitored by the Tarrytown police department. Arena seating is limited. Attendees without evening tickets may watch the Groups and Best in Show judging on the large monitors, located in the expansive breed tent. Refreshments will be available.” The show is not benched and each exhibitor has been given two tickets (three for juniors – themselves and two guardians). There are no RV permitted on the property to preserve the historic grounds.

For those not in attendance, “the inaugural digital version of the 2021 Official Program for the 145th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show” will be available online (https://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/media-center/2021-official-program-for-the-145th-annual-westminster-kennel-club-dog-show). Breed judging will be streaming online. Further coverage information, including television,  available here: https://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/2021-dog-show-general-information/2021-fox-sports-television-schedule


Tarrytown, NY, USA April 20 Cherry blossoms bloom on a misty spring day at the Lyndhurst Manor former home of Jay Gould, in Tarrytown, New York