What’s the Point?

By Jessica Freni

The 2022 point schedule is up and accessible for reviewing, it goes into effect on May 10th,2022. Point schedule can be found here: https://www.akc.org/sports/conformation/resources/points-schedule/

There have been exhibitors expressing concerns with the residual effect of Covid-19 on the point schedule for 2022. States that were “open” during, or sooner, in comparison to others and saw a steady surge in shows/ entries now have in some breeds and areas, such as Florida, a drastic increase in dogs necessary for majors in particular. As one exhibitor explained the frustration,

“Division 4 has been unfairly penalized for the fact that dog shows resumed and handlers came from all over the US to resume their profession. The numbers were record breaking starting with the Brooksville circuit in 2021 that saw entries of over 5000 every day. This year (2022) the numbers were back to normal ranging from 1200 to 2200 depending on the day. Florida, Georgia and South Carolina helped to save the sport and now AKC has slapped us in the face. The points In my breed are unattainable and therefore I won’t be showing in my own division until the point scale is reachable. With the price of gas – I don’t have money to waste like that. So guess it will be a long break and the clubs will suffer sadly.”

How are point schedules calculated? Information here: https://www.akc.org/sports/conformation/resources/faq/

It is important to note what is NOT included in point calculations, as explained by AKC

Competitions offered by Parent Clubs are not included in the formulation of the points schedule. This includes Parent Club independent specialties as well as Parent Club designated specialties. Breed competition held by any club (all-breed, group, or specialty) within plus/minus three days and fifty miles of the breed’s Parent Club national specialty are also excluded from the formulation of the points schedule. Additionally, events held in conjunction with the AKC National Championship show are excluded from the formulation.

Worth adding in the conversation about points towards Championship discussion, while as it stands points are only awarded to dogs earning a Group One, there’s a current initiative for discussion that would be similar to Canadian shows, in which Group placements 2-4 would also earn points! This would be a great opportunity to further recognize merit and especially beneficial to low entry breeds.

Hint!  Not quite sure on how to calculate points earned or just looking to make life simpler, try one of the point calculating apps like IShow Calculator or Ringside Calculator.