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One of the best things about advertising American Dog Fancier is what we call “time targeting”. What this means is that you can be very specific on the timing of your advertisement – so you can now time and target your advertisement to appear in the judges inbox on the Wednesday before that weekend’s shows!

Our state of the art software provides us nearly unlimited detailed statistics too, such as what people opened the email, who clicked on each ad, how many people clicked on each ad, how many people shared or forwarded the email, how many times each person opens the email, and so much more! Our “click rates” (CR) and “open rates” (OR) are EIGHT TIMES that of the industry average! We have an extremely targeted and captive audience that engages with our advertisers.

As an added bonus, we put up all the ads in a weekly gallery page on Facebook and tag owners and handlers involved with the dog – with a reach in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Facebook users worldwide. Our engagement rate on Facebook is beyond anything seen before, at over 50%, with a weekly reach of over ONE MILLION.

Breed Spotlight-

Breed Spotlight- Bem-vindo to the Brazilian Terrier By Jessica Freni Welcome Brazilian Terrier to AKC FSS status! Thank you to breed resource Livia Krainer for sharing this fun little terrier with ADF. "The Brazilian terrier has a still uncertain origin. It is most...

Controversy and Contention for Crossbreeding Plans

Controversy and Contention for Crossbreeding Plans By Jessica Freni Several breeds have been the target of criticism regarding overall health and breeding ethics, largely due to popularity and the large number of dogs of these breeds who are poorly bred, fad colors,...

Just Roll With It

Just Roll with It By Jessica Freni Breeds have different bites, it goes without saying, and is quite obvious from even a quick cursory look at any handful of breeds developed for different purposes. Each breed standard contains verbiage on the bite correct per the...

Woofstock 2023

Woofstock 2023 By Jessica FreniPhoto: Sunshine Gipson Tie-dye and flower crowns, headbands and hippies no it's not Coachella, it's even better it's the kick off to the summer show season…Woofstock 2023! Woodstock will be this weekend, four days of fun, starting on the...

Beat the Heat By Jessica Freni Ten items to make showing this summer a cool experience! PC: Tanya Rowan, Jennie Chen & Jessica Freni A Battery Powered Fan highly recommended Ryobi Cordless...

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