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One of the best things about advertising American Dog Fancier is what we call “time targeting”. What this means is that you can be very specific on the timing of your advertisement – so you can now time and target your advertisement to appear in the judges inbox on the Wednesday before that weekend’s shows!

Our state of the art software provides us nearly unlimited detailed statistics too, such as what people opened the email, who clicked on each ad, how many people clicked on each ad, how many people shared or forwarded the email, how many times each person opens the email, and so much more! Our “click rates” (CR) and “open rates” (OR) are EIGHT TIMES that of the industry average! We have an extremely targeted and captive audience that engages with our advertisers.

As an added bonus, we put up all the ads in a weekly gallery page on Facebook and tag owners and handlers involved with the dog – with a reach in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Facebook users worldwide. Our engagement rate on Facebook is beyond anything seen before, at over 50%, with a weekly reach of over 200,000.

“Sziasztok!” to the Mudis

“Sziasztok!” to the Mudis by Jessica Freni photo: Kayla Stigler The Herding Group will soon (January 2022) add the Mudi (Mudik is the plural generally reserved for the country of origin’s native tongue, whereas in North America it is typically Mudi...

A Look Back: Morris & Essex 2015

A Look Back: Morris & Essex 2015 By Jess Pearson Preface: As we get ready for Morris & Essex in 2021, we cannot help but think back on the last event. Enjoy this recap of the 2015 Morris & Essex Kennel Club dog show!  The clouds painted a grey, bleak...

All About UKC

What Is UKC? By Dolores Ferrero The United Kennel Club (UKC) was founded in 1898, and registers all-breed performance dogs of over 300 different breeds from around the world. The UKC maintains a Total Dog philosophy and their member clubs offer UKC licensed events in...

By The Numbers

By the Numbers Jessica Freni AKC recognizes nearly 200 unique breeds of dog. The newest to gain full recognition being the Biewer Terrier as number #197 recently joining the Toy Group. Next year the Bracco Italiano will reach the Sporting Group (June 29th,2022). There...

Benvenuto al Bracco Italiano!

Benvenuto al Bracco Italiano! By Jessica Freni When you first see a Bracco Italiano the eye catching, jovial dog elicits a lot of questions. Growing up surrounded by bloodhounds I was obviously intrigued by the breed when I first encountered them at a UKC show. The...

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