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Our entire team is comprised of purebred dog enthusiasts, and represents CENTURIES of experience in breeding, showing, training, grooming, ad design and campaigning dogs.

To contact any of us, simply click on our name to send us an email:

Advertising Team

Jess Pearson – Publisher

Tanya Rowan – Content Manager/Publicist 

Letty Hughes – Advertising Sales
Bekki PinaAdvertising Sales 

Deanna Rotkowski – Advertising Sales

Production Team

Niome Dubois – Ad Design

Hector Espinoza – Ad Design

Jessica Freni – Social Media Manager

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Quality or Quantity

By: Adam Levy Reprinted with permission Every once in a while, I hear someone make the statement about their program being about “quality, not quantity.” It happened again recently and got me thinking, what, exactly, is the point of that statement? Many of the...

A Family Affair

A Family AffairBy Tanya Rowan Those that know me know that I participate in different activities and venues with my Weimaraners. It’s something that is very important to me and to my breeding program. I do Conformation, Hunt Tests, BarnHunt, ScentWork, FastCat, Trick...

My Role Model

  My Role Model   By: Ella Suria My role model in the dog show community is Britney Suria. She’s not only my role model, she's my mom. I have grown up with her teaching me love, compassion, proper feeding and care of dogs. In the last eight years she has added in...

Realistic Expectations

Author: Karen BalinskiKillara Field Spaniels ****While we are thrilled many have shared our realistic expectation writing- please be courteous and give credit where it is due! Stop with author unknown or worse claiming you wrote this! As puppies head to their new...

Interview with an exhibitor

Can you introduce yourself?  My name is Stacey Jones, I'm 47, married with 2 children. A 14 year old son, Christian and an almost 13 year old daughter, Margaret Claire. I am currently a breeder and exhibitor of Bull Terriers & German Pinschers.  How did...