Breed Spotlight-

Bem-vindo to the Brazilian Terrier

By Jessica Freni

Welcome Brazilian Terrier to AKC FSS status! Thank you to breed resource Livia Krainer for sharing this fun little terrier with ADF.

“The Brazilian terrier has a still uncertain origin. It is most likely that navigators,

when crossing the oceans, needed small rat dogs to control rat infestations inside ships,

as was the case in Europe in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. When landing in a new

place, these dogs probably remained there, thus giving rise to new populations. We can

identify several of these breeds, very similar to each Other, in distant places, and our

Brazilian Terrier is probably one of them. These dogs probably descended from the now extinct English White Terrier, and among the breeds that are certainly related to the

Brazilian Terrier, we can mention some, such as the Ratonero Andaluz, Ratonero

Valenciano, Japanese Terrier, Chilean Terrier, among others. But no genetic study has

yet been carried out proving these kinship relationships, which leads us to consider that

these considerations about the origin of the breed must still be treated as probable, and

not as definitive”

How long have you owned Brazilian Terriers? What attracted you to this breed?

I had a Brazilian terrier when I was a little girl. It was the first litter I saw being born. The Brazilian terrier was a very common breed in everyone’s house back then, when we used to call them “fox Paulistinha”; even before they were recognized by the CBKC. Since I moved to the USA, I haven’t brought any Brazilian terriers with me as they were not recognized here. It was a big dream of mine to introduce them to the Fancy, and I am ecstatic that it can happen now.

The Brazilian Terrier is a very affectionate breed who love their people and will do anything for them. They are also brave, extremely smart and great hunters.

What have been the challenges of exhibiting a FSS breed? Are there particular challenges to showing Brazilian Terriers? What is something you would like judges to especially consider in judging the breed?

Well, the challenges are yet to come! Since we were just approved for FSS,

When it comes to showing Brazilian Terriers, there is no challenge; they have a great showmanship. They love to please and will do their best every time.

Judges should pay special attention to their type and head. Do not confuse them with a terrier with a straight topline and extremely short back! The head is very important in this breed.

What is the ideal home for a Brazilian Terrier? What homes prove a challenge for them? What is the breed like to live with in terms of grooming, activity level,  compatibility with other dogs or animals, grooming, biddabilty, etc

They can adapt to any home, but they enjoy games, playing and space. They are also great with kids, so a family with playful young members will be great for them.

Grooming is a piece for cake; there is little of it. When it comes to their activity levels, they are very playful and energetic! They are also good in packs, preferably when raised together, but can adapt to a new environment and other dogs with the proper introduction.

What challenges are Brazilian Terriers facing ( such as health or breeding challenges)? What kind of health testing is required of the breed? Are there difficulties finding Brazilian Terriers?

There are two disease that we need to be on the lookout for when it comes to Brazilian Terriers: Mucopolysaccharidosis VII (MPS Type VII) and patellar luxation. As with any other breed, we need to be aware and smart when it comes to the breeding process, but even the two diseases have a very low rate in the breed.

We do have very good breeders not just in Brazil as in Europe.

What can the established show community do to help the breed as it hopes to gain full AKC recognition (Do you feel as though the breed overall wants to be AKC recognized) 

Anyone that is interested to know more about the breed may contact me or Joao Machado if in the USA, and Klaus Dieter Sautter and Carlos Flaquer if in Brazil. We will be happy to talk to people with interest in having one, helping us build the BREED club, and showing at FSS shows. It is important to give this breed as much visibility as possible.

What would you like to see for the future of the breed?

Well, I want to see them grown as a breed and also in their performance,  since I believe it is a breed with a lot to give to the dogshow fancy. I would like to see good breeders and great puppies being born in USA, and great wins in the show ring and performance!