by Jessica Frenia

As we say goodbye to 2021 and look into the new year, traditionally, it’s the time for resolutions. Beyond the usual diet or quit smoking type resolutions, what resolutions can we make in the dog fancy to improve our community?

  • Mentor

Mentor a new breeder- this can be directly in your breed or even participating in one of the Facebook reproduction groups like Myra Savant’s or Canine Fertility, Reproduction and Neonatal issues.

From a show perspective, take on a Junior handler or help guide a new exhibitor with support and a friendly face.

  • Support

Support your clubs! Join a club, make a donation, share your skills and time. Commit to stewarding. Support a club with entries to a new or different show/cluster. Find a way to support a rare breed.

  • Visibility

Increase visibility of the well bred purebred and preservation breeders, this is an area doodle breeders excel and the purebred community overall is woefully lacking! Update your website, respond courteously and promptly to all inquiries (if only to direct to the breed parent club or maybe suggest a breed better suited for their lifestyle), make a kennel page on Instagram and Facebook include candid and puppy pictures in addition to ads and win pictures. Participate in breed Facebook groups! Nearly every breed has at least one, but most are lacking in well bred breed examples and shared knowledge from experienced breeder/owners, so be that voice! Answer questions and provide a good source of breed knowledge. Increase visibility in your local area- take your dogs out and try to engage in a meaningful conversation with those in the neighborhood or at your local pet supply store.


One of the best things you can do for your breed and the preservation breeding community is breed at least a litter of well bred, purebred dogs and document the journey. People don’t care about that which doesn’t impact them directly, so bring a purebred dog into a home and foster love and loyalty to the breed!

What can you do in 2022 to be a better ambassador of the purebred dog, our sport and preservation breeding?